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Why you should take your gold to an assay company?

Why you should take your gold to an assay company?

In times when the prices of most assets have fallen, gold has been the shining star of investments. The prices of gold have been going up steadily over the past five years. In this period, the prices have gone up nearly 200 percent. The price of gold has also gone up 5 fold since 2000, and there are no signs yet that this growth will slow down. Many economists believe that it will take over a year or two for the market to saturate, leading to a reversal trend in the gold prices. There might be some occasional hiccups along the way, but the price of gold continues to rise. The best part about gold is that it is relatively unaffected by the recent financial crisis, making it the king of safe investments. This brings us to the topic of why you should take your gold to a gold assay company.

People don’t generally have bars of bricks lying around their houses. Unless you’re filthy rich of course! But for the average guy, the chances are he has no clue where to procure the gold. Here’s the thing…there’s gold almost all around you. In your old watches, jewelry, antiques, coins…almost everywhere. It is worth a shot to take a look around your attic and look at the junk that has been stored there. Old cufflinks or watches from the early 20th century may contain decent amounts of gold. The gold is present in almost microscopic amounts, but it can be extracted. The next step for you is to take it to the gold king of assay companies. It is rather rare to find companies that specialize in gold assay. But rest assured that the gold king will handle the job for you. They will help determine the exact amount and concentration of the gold that is present in the sample you have given them. Once this is done, they will tell you whether it is worth giving the item for smelting or not. If the grade of the gold is not high enough, they will reject the item.

So why take the gold to the gold assay companies? Once the gold has been refined, you can take the product and sell it to a reputed jeweler. Keep the current gold prices in mind and also get a second opinion before you approach the gold assay company. This will give you a rough estimate as to the worth of your gold. You can sell the gold and book a tidy profit for yourself using old junk that had been collecting dust in a box somewhere! The concept of gold and silver assay is not new. It has been around for centuries. However, the need for such survey has increased in light of the recent economic crisis. Smart people are willing to sell their gold items to save some money instead of having to cut down expenses on their kid’s education. While the price of gold should not fall soon, one can never be too sure. Be sure to take your gold to a gold and silver assay company to save some money as fast as you can.

Posted On: 27 December

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