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Why is gold assay becoming popular in the United States?

Why is gold assay becoming popular in the United States?

Over the past few years, a new trend is being observed in the United States. The popularity of gold assay has been steadily going up. The prices of gold have risen almost 200 percent over the last five years, and are expected to rise even further than that. In 2000, the price of gold was a little over 300 dollars an ounce. Now, almost 11 years later, gold is selling on the market for over fifteen hundred dollars an ounce, a testament to the great heights it has scaled! And many economists believe that there is an ample amount of time before gold starts it next cyclical phase. While prices may dip occasionally every couple of days or so, it is just a short trend that corrects itself very soon. In these days of economic instability, people have found that it is easier to trade gold for cash. This brings us to the topic of gold assay. Since few people actually possess bars of gold lying around their homes, they must search for alternative sources of gold.

This is where gold assay comes in handy. Gold assay essentially determines the weight and quality of the gold present in a substance. Many items like antique watches and olden day furniture contain small amounts of gold present in them. Also, who can forget about jewelry? Many jewelry items lying around in your house may contain decent amounts of gold. If you are an average American citizen going through the same economic crunch as everyone else, you would want to reduce the burden as much as possible. To achieve this, you can dish out the old jewelry and antiques that are collecting dust in your attic. You can get a reputable company to do a gold assay to determine the worth of the gold. This can then be sent to any gold king of refineries, who will then smelt the items to retrieve the gold that is used. Once a valuation has been made and the offer made, you can choose to either accept the offer or look for a better deal.

The concept of gold assay is not new. The surveying of gold items to determine their value has been practiced for centuries now. However, the need for gold assay has risen within the past few years. Considering the weak nature of the dollar and the increase in unemployment rates in the United States, selling your gold seems a rather viable option. The prices of gold are at an all time high, though it is possible that the price of gold will fall eventually (but is not predicted to fall anytime soon). This is prompting individuals to sell their gold while the prices are still high, allowing them to book steady profits. While the price of scrap gold is not as high as pure gold that is sold on the commodities market, gold assay can surely reduce your financial strain.

Posted On: 27 December

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