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The Gold King Buys Diamonds!

Selling diamond rings and other diamond jewelry is easy because The Gold King  buys diamonds of  all shapes and sizes. You can sell your diamond rings, sell wedding rings, sell engagement rings, or just sell loose diamonds safely and easily. We can convert your loose diamond, diamond ring or other diamond jewelry to cash—fast. Selling your diamond to the Gold King is easy, and we assure you by bringing in your diamonds to us, you will receive top quality service, and get the highest price for your diamond!


Gold King is buying these diamonds:


  • Round Diamonds
  • Pear Diamonds
  • Marquis Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
  • Asher Cut Diamonds
  • Heart Shape Diamonds
  • Canary Diamonds
  • Mine Cut Diamonds
  • European Cut Diamonds
  • GIA Diamonds
  • EGL Diamonds
  • Fancies
  • Damaged Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds
  • Ultra Diamonds
  • Rare Blood Diamonds

Why sell my diamond ring to The Gold King

Selling diamonds in North Carolina has never been easier. We are able to buy  diamond rings, other diamond jewelry and loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Selling a diamond ring can be a big decision. We understand that and can assure you that we can provide the highest offer for your diamonds, whether they are loose or mounted. Our staff know the business of buying and selling diamonds inside and out, and we buy diamonds in North Carolina every day. Once you’re ready, come in and see us at one of our two locations or contact us.

Common questions about selling diamonds to The Gold King

A note about pricing for jewelry containing semi-precious stones, small diamonds and pearls:
Due to an unusually high supply and low demand for semi-precious stones such as rubies,  sapphires, pearls  and emeralds, we are unable to offer much, if anything for these items. Likewise, the secondary market for diamonds less than one half carat has decreased significantly.  We are more than happy to accept items containing semi-precious stones, and diamonds less than a half carat. However, we are unable to offer a premium for these items based on more than their precious metal value when included in your jewelry. We are the highest paying gold, silver, and diamond buyer in North Carolina. We encourage our customers to visit other stores to get an in-person quote before visiting us. We love surprising each customer with how much more cash we can pay for their jewelry!

Interested in selling your loose diamonds, diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry? Come in today or contact us.

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