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The Gold King Difference!


How is the Gold King different from your average gold/silver shop?

In short, SO MANY WAYS!

We treat each and every single one of our customers with respect and equality. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time walking through the door, or you are back for your 20th time. We are going to give you that same down to earth small town experience, with a touch of professionalism each and every time!

THE GOLD KING PHILOSOPHY: Deal in volume, and pay each and every customer top dollar! We make a small profit, but pride ourselves in knowing we pay everyone top dollar and their family and friends will soon be coming in the door!

YOUR AVERAGE GOLD SHOPS PHILOSOPHY: Make as much money as possible on each and every deal. Take less knowledgeable  customers for a ride, and pay them sometimes less than half what the items are worth. These shops rely on a small amount of deals daily where they make large profit margins.


Okay, lets cut to the chase. How are we unique compared to other gold/silver jewelry and coin shops?


  • WE PAY IN CASH! (Most other shops will write you a check, and you will then have to spend time going to the bank depositing it)
  • WE PAY BETTER THAN ANYONE IN WESTERN,NC! (All shops boast this, but do they often send customers out the door to check other shops for quotes like we do? Doubtful! Most shops will try to sucker you in, and keep you from leaving their shop so they can make a large profit.)
  • WE HAVE A 5% REFERRAL PROGRAM! (You can earn 5% through our referral program by sending your friends, family, or coworkers in to our shop. You will receive 5% of whatever their total amount of items equals. ex: Your mom brings in $800 worth of gold, and you referred her. You receive $40. This is a great way to make some extra cash, as well as send individuals to a shop that will pay them better than anywhere in the area!)
  • EXPERIENCE! (Our employees have been trained inscrutably to handle nearly any sort of transaction. We are equipped with all the right equipment, and keen minds which ensure your items are appraised correctly. Other shops are always in the process of training new employees, while we for the most part have always kept the same crew. This means we are ahead of the industry, and mistakes are rarely an occurrence here at The Gold King! 😀




How do I sell my scrap gold to a gold shop?

Why hold on to scrap gold that’s broken or unloved?

Gold jewelry, rings and other gold articles are often lying in a dusty drawer somewhere because they might seem worthless. These pieces may be unfashionable, damaged or outdated and might seem worth nothing. But that is not true, they can be quite valuable!

Now, if you leave your scrap gold as it is, it would not multiply and there is a good chance that there will be a devaluation of the price of the gold. It is very easy to sell scrap gold and in exchange you can have a myriad of things at your disposal with the money you make from the deal. There are several reasons to sell away the old gold. Instead of letting it just be, why not sell it and make some money?

Do you have scrap gold?

Most of the time there is a lot of gold scrap lying around in the home and people fail to see that. Gold scrap doesn’t have to be from something precious like jewelry or the like. It can be from waste electronics, gold mesh and even solder. It is not uncommon to find a person who lives by selling gold scrap!

Value your scrap gold

Before you get down to sell scrap gold that you own you must first make sure that you get the right valuation for the scrap gold. This is not an easy process because the quality of the gold varies from source to source. While it is good quality in high quality electronics, it is pretty low in karats in solder. It might be a rather difficult task to do this on your own and if you want to do this on your own, you should get a gold testing device and separate all the scrap based on the karats in each type. You will also need a gold testing kit to properly estimate the price for each of the karats that you own.

Where to sell scrap gold?

Once you have made sure that you get the right valuation for your gold, you need to start looking for a place to sell scrap gold. Though there are many cash to gold websites on the internet and you also have many stores across the United States that will take your antiques, old gold coins etc., the gold king of deals can only be found at the dealer who offers you the best price. Though the price of your antiques and other jewelry might initially be very high at the time of purchase, when sell scrap gold, only the price of the gold used to make the ornament would be used to value the scrap gold and the amount of detail which has been incorporated into it would be irrelevant.

The gold sold to the dealer is refined for further processing and hence it would be more profitable to sell scrap gold to a dealer who has his or her own refinery. This way, the amount you get paid for your scrap increases by a large amount. Refiners prefer purchasing large quantities of scrap. For this reason, if you can sell up to an ounce of gold, you can expect 90% of the value and if you have more than 5 ounces, you can get back a whopping 95%! Hence it would be more prudent to sell scrap gold for cash when it accumulates to larger quantities than sell scrap gold in smaller installments.

When is the best time to sell a gold watch to a dealer?

Many a times you have in your possession certain artifacts and antiques that may seem junk or useless for you, but have certain intrinsic or extrinsic value. Many of these articles are made of precious metals and gemstones, despite the article itself being worthless. Examples of these includes mostly old gold watches, metal statues etc. However, many are unaware that they can sell their old gold watch to a dealer and earn a fair bit of money. So, how and when exactly should you sell gold watches?

Challenges while selling

When it comes to actually selling such items, there are several hurdles a prospective seller faces. One of the first and foremost problems is finding the exact value of the item. People are unaware as to the exact value of their old watches, and many are completely unaware that old gold watches have tiny gold parts inside them! They either end up usually undervaluing their watch or sometimes even overvaluing it. Ignorance is the biggest obstacle faced.

Before finding out when to sell gold watch, you need to find a good dealer. Most of the times, there are just scrap dealers who are interested in the actual usable gold in the watch, and not other aspects of your artifact which could fetch you higher prices. Then there are pawn shops and Internet dealers. In any case, dealers usually give a depreciated value for your gold, making huge profits for themselves. Internet dealers, cash for gold websites may attract your attention by providing convenience and claiming best deals, but there is a nagging risk of your gold being misplaced and undervalued, not to mention the payment never being made.

To sell gold watch, the best place to go is a physical gold store. There are various such cash for gold stores all over the States who deal specifically in appraising and buying scrap gold or gold antiques. Since you deal with the buyer directly, and see for yourself the rates given, they are appropriately nicknamed Gold King. Another reason why physical stores score over other dealers is in transparency of rates.

The proper time to sell

A major factor that is required to be kept in mind trying to sell gold watch is the gold rate. You will get the maximum value for your gold when you sell it at the highest rate for exchange, which changes frequently. Ensure that you keep an eye on the moving average. The moving average indicates the value of gold over a period of time. Gold prices are expected to rise when the short term moving average is above the long term average, and are expected to fall when the long term average is above short term average.

What makes the current situation a perfect time to sell gold watch is that gold prices are on an all time high, with the current price above short term average. Even more, the current market situation dictates that gold prices will continue to rise. This will give you a good deal, and you may even wait for rates to rise higher. Another factor apart from market rates that influences gold rates are market seasons. Gold gets reasonably expensive around wedding season, i.e. late spring and summer season in the United States. Higher demand for gold ensures you get a higher rate you sell your old gold watch.

Why are some coin dealers excelling as the economy worsens?

In this economic crisis, people the world over are looking for ways to help ease their financial burden. The high rates of unemployment have also adversely affected economies all over the world. But if you take a closer look, not everyone is suffering. In fact, there are people who are actually benefiting from the financial crunch. Who are these people, you might ask. The answer is simple- coin dealers. We’re not talking about pennies or cents. We’re talking about coins made of gold and silver. Precious metals have proved time and again that they are some of the safest investments around.

Take the case of gold. The gold prices are relatively unaffected by the market trends. In 2000, gold was trading at 300 dollars an ounce. 11 years hence, gold is trading at over 1500 dollars an ounce! Over 400% percent appreciation in 11 years! The gold king of coin dealers have taken advantage of this trend, and have started selling their coins when the gold prices shoot up, allowing them to book a rather high profit margin. Also, the gold king of coin dealers, or the best coin dealers collect coins which have a high chance of being considered as a rarity. The prices of such coins are even more than the price of ordinary bullion gold. It is advisable to seek advice of a coin dealer before you think of investing in coins. If you manage to procure rare ancient coins, you could sell them for a substantial profit.

Don’t lose heart if you do not have the capital to invest in gold coins. They happen to be the gold king of all coins, which coin dealers prefer. However, you must remember that silver coins too are in great demand. While the prices of silver are overshadowed by those of gold, silver too is experiencing sharp rises in price. You can find silver coin dealers who will be ready to sell you some very unique silver coins too. The beast part about silver coins is that there is a huge variety possible. Coins such as the 1936 silver half rupee coins are worth just as much as an arm and a leg these days. Other silver coins such as the American silver eagle and the silver dollar are much more common.

You can buy specific coin price guides to determine which coins you want to invest in. They contain prevalent information on most coins that are available in the market. You could also get in touch with coin dealers who can provide you with valuable tips on how to go about creating a coin collection. You should also browse the internet for information on various coin dealers and the collections they offer.

Coin dealers have managed to make it through the economic crisis relatively unscathed. In fact, the gold king of coin dealers managed to make a steady profit as well. If you play your cards right and invest at the right time, there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Where do I go if I have gold to sell?

One thorough clean-up of your house and you will find that there are a lot of old things that you might not need but might still are worth a lot. And sometimes, you might just find treasure- Old jewelery, broken watches that are made of gold or scrap. The first thing that would then come to your mind would be “I have gold to sell, where do I go”? There are a number of options to choose from and a number of things that are to be considered before you obtain the right price in cash for gold you have to sell.

If you’re thinking “I have gold to sell”, before “where do I go”, make sure that you ensure the following –

Find out the present market value for gold.

Obtain the correct carat of all gold items and scrap gold. In the United States, it is not legal to sell gold below 10 carats. In UK it is 9 carats.

Weigh your gold from a trusted pawn broker.

The gold price fluctuates on an almost daily basis. So if you’re thinking “I have gold to sell, but what percentage of market value will I get for it”, here’s the calculation –

22 carats: 91.7%

20 carats: 83.2%

18 carats: 75%

16 carats: 66.6%

14 carats: 58.3%

12 carats: 50%

There are several websites that have online calculators that automatically calculate the current market price for your gold depending on weight and purity.

Now, after the “I have gold to sell, and I know its purity and weight”, there are three main dealers you can go to.

Gold dealers – The World Gold Council has a list of reliable dealers. This can also be obtained from your local department for consumer affairs. There are a number of gold dealers waiting to take advantage of uninformed customers. The Better Business Bureau can also help you with picking the best dealer. Obtain appraisals from a number of dealers and also obtain online prices. Negotiate with the dealers to settle for the best price. Do not trust dealers that have makeshift offices or work out of hotel rooms. Trusted online dealers can help get you a better price as they wouldn’t have to bear the rent for offices. A gold king among dealers would be one who is trusted and provide the best appraisals and deals.

Gold refiners – More often than not, refiners provide the best prices as they directly melt the gold, thus avoiding middle-men brokers. They provide a price depending on the amount you’re selling and purity. A gold king among refiners would be one who provides the best price for the amount and purity of your gold.

Coin and antique items collectors – If you’re thinking “I have gold to sell, and they are in the form of coins”, there are some things you should keep in mind. There are two types of coins- gold bullion coins, which are gold, minted into coin form and numismatic coins. Selling gold bullion coins is fairly simple as their prices are standard. Numismatic coins are rare and have a collector’s value that is more than the price for gold. For such coins, visit various coin dealers to get an idea of the price they offer. A gold king among such dealers would be one who explains the worth of the coin and offers the best price for it. The American Numismatic Association can help you find a reputed coin dealer.

With research and negotiation, you can obtain an optimum price for your gold.

There are so many cash for gold businesses, but which are reliable?

Cash for gold business in North Carolina

If you have started looking for any cash for gold business in the Southern United States, you have probably realized the multitude of available options. Now, you must find a way to sift through all of these and arrive on the most trustworthy business for your cash for gold transaction. There are great risks involved with selecting the cash for gold business and it is difficult to arrive at a certain business that may be trusted just by merely taking a look at it. You obviously have to gather as much data as possible in order for you to determine the ideal firm, the one that you may trust and are confident won’t cheat you.

Cash for gold business with their own refiners

The gold king of cash for gold business is those which have their own metal refineries and those who pay in cash for your gold. You can also look for any established history of credibility by thoroughly researching about the business on the internet. There are plenty of companies that will appear with feedback which could reflect the quality of service they provide. When it comes to conducting a research regarding whom you should give your gold to, there are many things that a person should take into account.

One of the primary things you need to establish before you enter into any deal with the trader is absolute transparency. There are many traders who offer you gold in return for the gold which you send them and these are not the type of traders who are to be trusted as they will not accurately quantify the value expected from your sale. Professional cash for gold traders give you an accurate if not a fairly good estimate of the deal which you would be entering into and these are the type of dealers who form the gold king of cash for gold business.

It would also be helpful if the dealer that you approach for your cash for gold deal is also a dealer in other precious metals such as platinum and silver, as the ornaments or antiques which you might be looking to dispose off might contain these metals and it would help to have these valued along with the gold too. The gold king of transactions would ensure that you are aware of the percentage that you would be receiving from each of these metals beforehand and hence would make sure that you are not cheated in the entire process.

Avoid middle men

Middle men must be avoided at all costs to ensure that you get the best deal for your cash for gold transaction. Middle men make you prone to being cheated or even tricked and the bargains which they may offer you will obviously be not as good as those which would be put forth by the dealers themselves. Though middle men do come in handy when you have trouble reaching the actual company, you will not require the services of such middle men if you are looking for the gold king of cash for gold businesses in North Carolina thanks to the abundance of such businesses. Hence it is advised not to work with middle men.

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